Lee Endris

Senior Pastor

Pastor Endris was born in Gary, IN and grew up in Indiana and Arizona.  He had the privilege of growing up in church, but lived a few of his years away from God, broken and hurting.  In his young 20's, he was invited back to a small church in Kendallville, IN where God began healing and restoring his life.  
In 1997, Pastor Lee and Deanna were married.  Deanna grew up in Marion, IN and attended Indiana Bible College (1991-1995).   Together, they began working in any needed area of the church.  God began and continued the training and molding process in both of their lives.  
In 2003, they were blessed with a miracle son, Jonathan Lee Endris.
The miracle continued in 2010, when God unfolded the chapter of their story to move to Green Bay, WI.   Pastor Endris continues to lead with purpose, encouraging Meadowbrook Church to grow and be "better" in each area that God leads.  
Along with serving Meadowbrook Church, he is also blessed to serve as Chaplain to the following agencies in our area:  WI State Patrol, WI DNR, Green Bay Police Department, and the Brown County Sheriff's Department.  
He loves iced tea, his mini poodle Benson, 4-wheeling adventures, sky diving, sitting on his deck, his tape measure, and is very talented at building trades.